Don’t smoke: Smoking is harmful in general but especially after meals it becomes more harmful. Tobaccos leaves contain high content of acid which results into slower digestion because it converts protein of our food into complex and harder nutrition elements.

Don’t eat fruits immediately: It’s advised that fruits should be taken at least after one hour of meal or one hour before the meal. Eating fruits may cause stomach to be bloated with air which has impact on digestion.

Don’t drink tea: Tea leaves have similar impact as tobaccos leaves because they also contain acids which is harmful if consumed immediately after meals because it will make proteins harder to digest.

Don’t loosen your bets: When we eat and feel stomach tight, generally we loosen or belt for getting comfortable but it may harm intestine by allowing it to be twisted and coiled.

Don’t bath: While taking bathe after meals blood circulation will be increased in hands, legs and every where except stomach; decreased blood circulation around stomach will weaken the digestion process.

Don’t drink water: Don’t drink water at least half an hour before and after meals. Drinking water makes breaking of nutrition elements harder.

Don’t walk: Avoid walking immediately after meal because it restricts absorption of nutrition from food. Go for a walk after one hour of taking meal.

Don’t sleep immediately: Go to bed at least after 2 hours of taking meal in order to avoid gastric disorder and stomach infections.